Gourd for Calabash Bash, Friday, December 8

This year's gourd for the Calabash Bash was inspired by my love of Taos, the pueblo, its people, and its history--a unique place in the US and in the world close to my heart.  Event will be this Friday, December 8, 5-8 PM at the El Monte Sagrado resort, Taos, New Mexico.  Tickets are $25 benefitting Stray Hearts, the local animal shelter for unwanted animals. 


Now represented in northern Texas by Frisco Fine Art

Frisco, Texas, is booming and Frisco Fine Art is a part of that boom.  Located outside Dallas, Frisco is one of the three largest and fastest growing areas in the country.  Frisco Fine Art now represents my work in a spacious newly created gallery.  Frisco Fine Art, 7227 Main St., Frisco, TX 75034,  Telephone:  214-872-1917.

Available at Frisco Fine Art, one of my newest oil paintings, Into the Future:



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