Juried into Self Portrait Exhibit, Encore Gallery, Taos Center for the Arts

Memories of Time Past, a monotype with charcoal and oil embellishments juried into the Self Portrait exhibit, is on display in the Encore Gallery of the Taos Center for the Arts in downtown Taos.  Each piece in the exhibit was to executed in monochromatic hues.

As a very young child, I fell in love with the mystique of cultures left in ruins for one reason or another.  I often wondered how the people lived, why their cultures no longer endured, and what happened to the cultures as they faded away.  So many questions with so few answers.  I still ponder the same questions as I wonder what life as an archaeologist or an anthropologist might have been like.  It was not to be my career track in life, but  I have concluded after many years that the dusts of lives past are a part of my DNA as depicted in this self portrait.

Exhibit runs until July 9.  The gallery is located at 133 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte.

First Place Win in New York City Exhibit

Blue won first place in "Subjective" exhibit sponsored by New York City Chapter of Women's Caucus for Art organization.  Theme focused on different perceptions of beauty.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

                   Blue, Monotype on Paper, 16 X 6 in.

First Place Win, Mixed Media in Harrisburg, PA Exhibit

What a surprise to win  first place in mixed media for “Persian Miniaturists:  How Small?,” a monotype embellished with oils, at the annual “Figuratively Speaking” exhibit, Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Inspired by the work of Turkish Nobel Prize Winner Orhan Pamuk in his novel My Name is Red, I created this image of the life of miniaturist artists in the Sultan's court of 16th century Istanbul.   Quite a bit of intrigue and jealousy in the court!